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sentient being

Am I a Sentient Being?

One thing is certain in life, aside from the not so humorous joke of “death and taxes”, that we all seek to find meaning. The words we use to describe this quest vary as much as our life-paths vary, but it all adds up to the same thing. Meaning could...

Personal Growth: Why it is Vital

Personal Growth: Why it is Vital

Why are personal growth and self improvement significant, not solely to certain people who are committed to growing, but to everyone? It’s a query that has to be asked and answered. Sure, it will make a pleasing tiny article to read, but just as significantly, the answer affects our entire...

yin and yang consciousness

Consciousness Is The First Step Toward Self Love

Our consciousness has been an area of exploration since the beginning of consciousness. How is it that we are able to produce such original thoughts? What gives us the ability to be both in the story and the observer at the same time, and have the awareness that we are...