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Estee Taschereau founder of http://selflovetips.comEstee Taschereau

Estee began her career as a spiritual counselor following her ministerial training in 1982.

Since then she has offered classes and workshops, and individual private sessions by phone.


Topics focus:

  • self-recognition and acceptance
  • self healing
  • finding clarity
  • techniques for emotional energy release and replenishing

Estee also offers a limited number of one-to-one sessions as a fast-track to greater self understanding and growth.

  • Are you ready to shift into a attitude of acceptance and appreciation?
  • Do you feel as though you are pulled in a certain direction, but can’t quite describe it, or how to make it happen?
  • Is today the day to align to your goals on a personal and professional level?

Sessions are offered via phone, Google Hangouts, Skype, and in person in Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA.  1/2 hour sessions (1 question) $85.  One hour session (more in-depth, full circle) $150.

“Estee….I want to thank you for this amazingly insightful message. I have been on a very serious inward journey and am awe struck by how on target you are.”

Tehrah – Recording Artist : “You are a HEALER of Healers. We too, get bogged down and tired at times, and swim around in our small-self! Listening to those voices that tell us mean things and confuse us, and cause us to want to give up the calling, get off course, and even QUIT!!! LOL! You manage to cut through all that and speak right to the higher self, and put us back on track. THANK YOU, Estee, from the bottom of my heart, and I speak for all of US!”

BK – Texas: “God bless Estee and the magnificent service she provides! I emerged reconnected with my joyous, buoyant spirit, clear-headed and centered. Valuable resources are now flowing to me naturally and effortlessly. I am a magnet for success and love! And I can recommend Estee without hesitation for anyone who is looking to clear their blockages, leap to a higher plane of living or just feel a whole lot better about Life.”

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Ava Saadi

What began as a hobby turned into a career, fueled by a passion for knowledge passed down through the ages. Ava is an associate writer who offers in-depth looks in simple statements. Her interests include holistic health, energy healing, spirituality, and personal growth. Ava is also a featured writer at

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