Relieving Stress Naturally

How do we face the stresses of our everyday life? Is the answer found in medications to calm us, or loading up on carbs to settle us down? Do we need to vent our frustrations to our friends, saying things like, “I know just how you feel!” Why do we hold on to our stress, let it linger within? How much do we realize and recognize that stress, and shift into a more natural, relaxed state by relieving stress naturally?

“A week of stress can leave us feeling weak”

Late one Friday afternoon I did what I typically do: leave the office and drive through the rush hour traffic to my home. There were starts and stops: lights, even waiting for a train blocking my route to the waterfront drive. It was all so.. typical.

As I drove along the less-travelled back road the cars and semi’s cleared away. I glanced to the right, and saw the most beautiful image: sunlight behind a cloud creating almost a picture-frame of light around the cloud. “Photo”, I though, but there was no where to turn off or fumble with my phone’s camera, and safety was my first consideration. I felt a twinge of something missed, but continued on.

The road continued from valley to peak, and yet again I was awestruck by another glance at the setting sun behind a gathering of clouds. This time on a freeway, I couldn’t even snap a quick picture without jeopardizing safety. But now, taking the circular exit, the pace was calmer. Here was another fun sighting: the nearly full moon rising. “I’m being mooned!”, I thought, as my inner child came out to play.

By this time my mood had completely changed. Enthusiasm fueled my thoughts. It took little consideration to drive past my turn and continue on to the marina. The side-trip was worth it, and now I could calmly stop for a picture. What a beautiful sight. This was nature’s medicine, and I found I had shifted from the stresses of the day. Now in a state of being that was relaxed and receptive, I realized too how “typical” my drive home had been on most other days. This moment with a sunset was a much better way of dealing with stress.

relieving stress naturally

Relieving Stress Naturally

Using Nature’s Medicine to for relieving stress naturally, as nature intended.

Self Love Tips:

Going out of our way

Going out of our way takes a conscious effort. How often do we use this powerful tool? Going out of our way for our own peace of mind, relieving stress, or giving to others does take a little more effort, but the return can greatly outweigh the cost.

Relieving Stress Naturally

Stress could be described as “an unconscious fist”, and the energy of stress is exactly that: a tightness of the weave of energy that surrounds our body. That aura of energy around the body is a living part of you, and can change quickly and easily.

Open up and say “Ah”

Find something that let’s you “open up and say Ah”.  Why choose nature? It’s simple: when you loosen up your energy you are more receptive, which is great, but receptive to what? Other people have their stress, and are not always in a feel-good mood. Nature, on the other hand, is simply what it is. You can open up to nature anytime without being criticized, or judged, and just “be”.  Nature is a wonderful healing when it comes to dealing with stress without getting our world stressed-out.

Relieving Stress Naturally  © 2013 Estee Taschereau. About the author: My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

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