Being An Outgoing Introvert


Is it a good thing to be an introvert, or is it better to be an outgoing person?

How do you feel about either side, being an extravert vs. being an introvert?

Should it even be viewed in that sense, throwing a “versus” into the mix?

Let’s take an intuitive look at the concept of the introvert and extrovert, and explore the idea of being an outgoing introvert.

What does that mean, being an Introvert?

By definition, an introvert is more interested by their own feelings and ideas than they are in outside influences. Included in the definition are some rather jaded impressions, describing introverted as self-centered.

If you turn to wikipedia, you’ll find discussion about the division between introvert and extravert being an “attitude”, and perhaps that is the case. Is attitude something we choose, something that is beyond who we are? Attitudes can certainly be changed, so then are we able to shift our personality type to being a little more “this” and a little less “that”?

Can Introverts be Happy?

Our Self Love Tip for today focus more on appreciating who we are, rather than trying to change to be something we think we should be.

Our tendencies to be introverted include things like “thinking for ourselves”, and being “intuitive”. Scientists and inventors have introverted traits. What about problem solving? Wouldn’t you say that it takes a dose of introvert action to solve a problem, and hopefully that inner reflection happens long before the extroverted side of us is able to express itself.

What about being self motivated? How would you classify this highly treasured trait? Is being self motivated a trait of the introvert, or the extravert? Or is being self motivated a mix of the two, with the “self” part being the starting point, and the “motivated” part being the springboard to initiating or taking the next step?

Why does it seem that some people have a problem with introverts? We do live in a connective, interactive world. Perhaps those individuals simply want to connect, or feel lost because they don’t understand what’s going on within the introvert’s mind. Maybe they think that the introvert is stuck, or sad, but they only see what’s on the surface, not the many layers of awareness behind what is seen in an expression.

From an intuitive sense I have seen many individuals invest a great deal of energy in their quest to better understand themselves and find their inner bliss. They can be very outgoing individuals, but the questions they bring to me as an intuitive support come from a highly introspective or introverted space. They may have spent days, even years formulating their quest into a question. Do I see these people as unhappy? Not in the least. They are simply in the process of creating a stronger inner bond, building a bridge within themselves that connects them with their own sense of self.

The Outgoing Introvert

Being an outgoing introvert doesn’t necessarily mean becoming an extravert. The outgoing introvert can be seen as moving beyond the initial thought, using their creative or problem solving abilities to transform what could be seen as a stopping point into something moveable. But then, what happens next?

We move back toward our connectivity with others. There is great beauty in communication, interaction, expression, contribution and so on. Our reward isn’t just in what we think of, it is more in what it has to offer, and making an offer is something shared.

The outgoing introvert has so much to offer. They delight in seeing things from their own perspective, and from that place they can release a wonderful wave of creativity and imagination. I encourage expression of those thoughts and impressions, this world truly needs the inspiration.

Being An Outgoing Introvert  © 2013 Estee Taschereau. About the author: My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

Image by Camdiluv ♥ from Concepción, CHILE

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