The Real Secret of Success

real secret of success

Today’s Quote:

“The real secret of success appears to be in trusting your luck, or providence, or destiny, and then in going ahead and doing whatever you want to do. Just like that; no worry about it at all!”

These words were shared by actress Clarine Seymour in 1919. Nearly 100 year later do those words ring true?

In an article titled “Introducing Cutie Beautiful” by Elizabeth Peltret, the author concludes with this statement.

“I think,” she said, concluding this historic interview, historic because it is the very first she has ever given, “I think that what people call luck is, in reality, destiny. I don’t think that there is such a thing as un-purposeful ‘luck’ in the world!”

Intuitive Inspirations:

Luck, or Providence?

Luck is usually defined as something good that happens, unexpected. But providence, a word we so rarely hear, is defined as “the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power“.

Some people believe in a divine presence, “the protective care of God”. Others turn their attention to their own spiritual self as their guidance. Is there a dividing line between the two?

At times it can be difficult to accept the twists and turns in life, especially when you’ve “made up your mind” on what the outcome should be. Is there any such thing as un-purposeful luck, or are the events in your life in some way guided?

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