Five Tips For Building Self-Confidence

Though there may be exceptions, most of us agree that it’s beneficial to build your self-confidence. Today let’s focus on some ideas and tools you can use to build your self confidence.

Set your priorities

Setting priorities is a big part of goal setting, but what does it have to do with self confidence? Plenty.

First, ask yourself how much building your confidence means to you. Try to set aside judgment and emotions while taking this step. Ask the question, “What’s most important to me?”

With that in mind, let’s take this to a new level. What is most important to you? Is it your children? A skill or attitude that will help you do better at your job? Use those motivators, and find whatever you can do every day to do your best for whatever is most important to you.

All that said, sometimes circumstances don’t allow you time, or energy. This is where setting your priorities becomes critical. Know what you want, and create quick/easy things you can do to build your self confidence.

George_Romney_-_Lady_Hamilton_(Fortune_Telling)Don’t give up!

You’ve heard the expression: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Don’t set the bar to the max. Set a plan for today, keep open minded, and be willing to see the results.

What do you do if things don’t go as planned? Assess and dig down a layer. Are there beliefs that are impacting your ability to make things come together? There are two techniques that work really well in de-energizing habits and beliefs that no longer support you. Those techniques? Muscle testing, and emotional freedom technique (EFT).  Need support?  You can book a session

Remember that your reactions take energy. It actually is more tiresome to live with the frustration than it is to take the steps to achieve.

Center your self confidence in YOURSELF

You know what you want, right? Well, to a degree. Sort of, kinda. If you don’t fully understand what you want, and who you are, how is anyone else going to have a clue?

Center yourself, let the energy of your quest for self confidence grow within you. Use that energy of self-confidence to help ground you. “I’m here, right now.” Choose a direction, take a step, and give yourself an energizing acknowledgement. Sounds a little silly, but the point is to re-pattern your habits. It’s time to replace that vague, unconscious energy with committed enthusiasm.

Have a plan, with flexibility

It’s good to have a plan. Vision boards are a great way to create your plan, visually. How do you do this successfully? Choose images that have both the vision and the feeling you want to feel when you achieve your goal. Remember, this is about bringing your creativity all the way to the physical, cellular level. The human body communicates, and judges, through emotions.

Mix it up a little, make life more interesting!

It’s really tough to get motivated and take action when you are depressed, dazed, or bored. Find a way to build up your enthusiasm!

One of my favorite motivators is competition. No, not competition with others – put comparing yourself and competing with others aside!  Compete with yourself. Make it a game, and no matter what make yourself the winner!

These are only a few ways you can build your self confidence. You have a whole arsenal of support that can help you shift into a confident, creative person. Enjoy!

Five Tips For Building Self-Confidence © 2016, Ava Saadi. Ava Saadi writes articles ranging from physical wellness to spiritual awareness, helping to bridging the gap between the two.