You Raise Me Up

Yes, these words are immortalized in song: You raise me up. What a tremendous statement to make, both in its recognition of those who support us, but also our connectivity and ability to be influenced by that which we perceive to be outside ourselves.

No one can deny we live in an interactive world, yet so many times I hear others say “I feel so alone”. I’ve made this statement on many occasions as well. How quickly we forget the world around us when we are wrapped up in our issues.

We Are Connected

We are intended to connect to others, whether it’s a push, a pull, a wink, or a smile. When we connect to others we briefly step outside our own little world. Call it what you will, but I believe that the boost we get from our interactions with others is more of a rebound of our own consciousness that was sent out, and now returns to us. You raise me up, could it be a statement of self recognition?

You Raise Me Up is a wonderful song recorded by the highly talented Josh Groban.

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