Perseverance is a Road to Happiness

It has taken me a very long time to realize this about life, but perseverance has become a character trait that I’ve come to greatly admire, and nowadays I feel it is the best road to happiness. I have done so many things in life that have not worked out the way that I had wished, so many goals and projects that have failed miserably. I have spent my share of life being downcast and discouraged.

“Keep the Faith”

But I have always been able to rise again, by the grace of God, and keep on keeping on, as they say. Being unwilling to give up, even in the midst of failure, is a trait that has taken me years to acquire. Taking a look around me, it seems like perseverance is a personality trait that is greatly scarce in modern society.

In the present day’s economy, it’s so easy to get discouraged, to quit and not work for anything better in life. But quitting can only bring one to failure. I’ve already failed so often, it does not scare me any longer to think big and to then observe my dreams crumble. I understand that I’m able to rise again and find new goals to pour my time into.

Perseverance is a Road to Happiness

That’s why I believe that perseverance is a road to happiness. Without perseverance, without the will to continue trying even in the middle of failure, a person is always haunted by the thoughts that they could have done better with their lives. Regret starts to crawl in and the wonderings of what if I’d have only worked at this or that dream?

So long as I keep trying, I can lay my head down on the pillow at night without regrets. I’ll wake up in the morning and work diligently, not being overly concerned when things begin to fall to bits, still having the confidence that whether or not everything crumbles, I can get right back up again, dust myself off, and begin to work on something new. Perseverance really is a path to happiness.

Perseverance Is A Way To Happiness by Ben Mester. About the Author: Ben Mester is an author who loves writing on Bible verses about perseverance. If you enjoy reading about perseverance, check out his other Bible verses about hope too.

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