Success Is All Up To You

I can remember my mother telling us when we were growing up “Do not follow the crowd”! When i was younger I probably did not see it that way, I guess probably due to the fact of wanting to fit in with the crowd at that age. And a funny thing happened as I got older I came to realize that no truer words were ever spoken.

Following the Crowd

Following the crowd is never taking risks. Study and go to college, work for a big company, settle down with a wife or a husband, and hopefully retire at age 65 with the assistance of social security depending on an income of 30percent of what a person can not afford to make it on in the first place. Who wants that?

The crazy thing is, there is not a person out there who wants that type of lifestyle, everyone truly would prefer to accomplish so much more.

No one ever became healthy and fit by following the crowd. Then why do we continue to follow the crowd? The crowd will not get you to where you desire to end up, they will drag you along through life.

We seem to fall into this trap that if everyone else is doing it then it must be the right thing to do.

Be Like The People You Admire

The people we admire and look up to, learned a long time ago to not go along with what is popular. They figured it out for themselves. They stopped worrying about being popular of fitting in. They conquered their fear next they jumped out from behind the crowd & ventured by themselves.

They went at it by themselves. They went for it and made it. They succeed because they went for it. They got to experience things that the crowd will never experience.

Success Is All Up To You

Is it easy to do this, to make it a reality? the best way to do it is go look for someone who can show you the way! Remember just because someone else tells you it is the way to go, do not automatically believe it, use your head. Instead study motivational quotes and find someone who did what you want to do. And simply follow their advice.

Then get ready for it, the crowd will shun you, they will call you crazy and think you have lost your mind, plus you will begin to experience them pressuring you, wanting to bring you back… since deep down they are afraid you’ll achieve something & this terrifies the day lights out of them because you’ve taken away all of their reasons for why they have not done what you did!

Success Is All Up To You by Ted Richmond. Desire to live fired up to run away from the herd? Get our motivational quotes.

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