Can Sadness Serve You?

Each of us possess an array of emotions, some more desirable than others. What about sadness? Is it an emotion that tells us that things are not as they “should be”, an emotion that needs to be corrected? What about looking at sadness from a different perspective? Could sadness serve you in some way?

can sadness serve me

Talking to your sadness, for a chance to heal

As for myself, I have come to recognize my own reaction to sadness. On many occasions I have stopped at the feeling of being overwhelmed, as many do, and let myself fall into the emotional spin. Is that emotional spin in any way helpful? Is it the same as “feeling” the emotion, gaining resolution, even acceptance, of the many threads of self that created that response of sadness in the first place?

As I see it, once outside of the spin of the emotion and the moment, that sadness is an longing to connect. Now comes the interesting part: that desire to connect, to share and bond with another, isn’t always about someone else.

“Can sadness serve you?”

Sometimes your feelings of sadness can be your reaching out to reconnect t0 a part of you that feels detached from your present self. What is it detached from? Perhaps from intent, love, inner truth. Is it possible that the feeling of sadness could be a compass trying to guide you home? What could you do right now, to right this feeling that something went wrong?

Can you to talk to your sadness? Could you take the feeling from just being “just a feeling”? What would that sadness become? Could it be a reassurance of a more balanced you, a reflection of a more integrated self?

Taking with a friend?

Have you ever taken the time to have a heart to heart talk with someone you care about, without pointing fingers or judging? Did you learn something about how that person felt, and gain a greater understanding of why things turned out as they did? Was there a shift that took place, once you had talked things over? Could your love re-emerge as the fiber that held your relationship intact?

Creating our life, from the inside out

We practice being a part of this world through our relationship with others. But as far as the most important relationship you and I experience in this world, isn’t that relationship the one we foster within ourself? Give it a thought, even a try, to talk with your sadness from a compassionate, caring perspective. Listen and let the story unfold. You may be surprised by what you hear. This is a time you can offer support, love, acceptance. Give to yourself what you seek from others.

can sadness serve you?It’s just a feeling..

Is is possible that the single step of inner self support can serve you?

How? By creating space within you for others in your world to connect.

Others will see, at least on a soul level, that you are ready for a stronger connection. They will  feel more confident that you are accepting of what they have to offer. They will have a clearer understanding of the remarkable spirit that you are.

© 2013 Estee Taschereau. About the author: My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

Image: “Longing” by Jose Ferraz de Almeida Júnior 1899, also the year of the artist’s death.


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