Fear of Intimacy – Is That Me?

Ever had your heart hurt by someone close? Almost all of us would answer yes. Often our hearts are hurt to such a degree we simply start building walls around our damaged heart in-order-to provide protection from a future hurt. Our heart can be damaged in a seriously emotional way and even in a physical way. Having emotional agony can definitely lead to fear of intimacy where we are consistently protecting our heart from any more agony and we are keeping others out.

Where does fear of intimacy most likely arrive from? Typically from a significant relationship like a man or fiance but more than likely from a better half or parent. In seems to occur mostly in young adolescence where a kid feels not loved or maybe worse deserted by a ma or father. Not having love or a safe home in the early developmental stages of life can be devastating for the child.

Facing Fear of Intimacy

Are you able to imagine the hurt as a girl and your mother and father never tell you they adore you or your father abandons the home. God created every one of us to like and to be loved. When that nurturing is absent the child’s world becomes a place of inner thoughts and the 1st stages of shielding their heart.

Next comes the shutting of others out when the heart emotionally becomes too engaged. It is the act of protection from being hurt. The individual may need to despairingly find somebody to love them but the sabotage each relationship because of their fear of intimacy.

This isn’t God’s plan for their life, to live a life looking for acceptance and love. His wish is for His youngsters to live a loved fill life with joy, peace and excitement of what tomorrow holds. Not a life of fear or being constantly on guard.

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