Healing Abuse Where Do I Turn?

Healing abuse: this is a topic that is of interest to many individuals. Unfortunately, their interest is often linked to the topic very directly, having first hand experience with abuse. Is it possible, is there a self-help path to healing abuse?

One of the most respected books on healing abuse is The Courage to Heal. This is not a new book, but is by far a highly respected self-help resource. Don’t skip the introduction,  this section in itself is filled with useful information. Many combine reading self help books with the use of energy-releasing techniques, we’ll talk about those more toward the end of this article.

healing abuse

Healing Abuse – Self Help

We all have the ability and the right to heal. Do we turn to others for help, or is it a personal journey? In a sense it is both. It’s difficult to reach out to someone else to heal a connection that is already broken. Abuse is a betrayal of trust. But it can be healed.

It is said that all healing is self healing, but that does not mean that we are alone. I presented this idea to our own MetaVisionary support, Estee Taschereau, and this is the response that I received:

“There is no such thing as alone, but a feeling of isolation is very real. Isolation is separation, and that separation exists within our energetic world. We create that separation initially out of self love, to protect an innocent or loved part of us from further abuse. How do we heal it? It’s all within. We heal by reaching out to that isolated part of our life from that part of us that lives today. But first we have to shift our present day self from harms way, bring that part of us into a perspective that is wanting and willing to heal. All this takes place internally, often times guided by someone capable of creating sacred safe space for this inner connection to take place.”

Healing Abuse – Can I Do This By Myself?

Reading books on healing abuse is one way to approach self healing. I know for myself that books, movies, even seeing the interaction between people I don’t know has lead me into thoughts of my own self healing. We can’t help but interact, not just with others but within ourselves.

This book review, and offering of self healing perspective from our spiritual counseling support are not intended to make judgment on where anyone should turn, or when they should ask for support.

Keep in mind that anything, and everything, can draw out of us a memory, feeling, or thought. Our responses and reactions are interactions, relationships. They are also a chance to shift perspective, mend an inner relationship, and create a stronger support within ourselves, for ourselves.

There are many techniques you can use that help shift and release chaotic energy, and help bring you back into a gentler, more supportive inner relationship. EFT, Ho’oponopono, reiki healing, and spiritual support sessions are just a few of the directions we can take in our road to healing abuse. Never underestimate the power of our source. The center of that source is within.

Healing Abuse Where Do I Turn? About the author: Ava Saadi writes articles ranging from physical wellness to spiritual awareness, helping to bridging the gap between the two. Learn more about Healing Energy at EnhancedReiki.com

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