Finding The Quiet Within Part 1

Finding the quiet within is something we don’t often talk about in our everyday lives. How do we find quiet in our busy world with so many distractions? Where is our focus? It’s so often outward, business and family oriented. Let’s face it, it’s a whole lot more fun being active than it is to being quiet, and there is certainly no shortage to activities and devices for fun and entertainment.

Is there even any value to reflect, find the quiet within? Aren’t we supposed to be doing something? In the long run, what are we going to look back at, the things we have done, the people we have known, and what we have accomplished. I see nothing on that list that has anything to do with self reflection and finding the quiet within.

But then, where does quality of life come from? It comes from the heart, our ability to share how we feel and our passion for living. It comes from inspiration, hope, desire, purpose, and our drive to express ourselves. We measure the quality of life by happiness, joy, appreciation, and a host of other “feelings”. Where does all that come from? From within. The quality of our life is a direct reflection of the quiet within. Today’s self love tips focus on the value we bring into our everyday lives when we start by finding the quiet within.

quiet within

Finding the Quiet within 

Minds are masters of chatter, always churning out thoughts, assessments, ideas, judgments, all at a mile a minute. How can you find the quiet within with so much activity?

Did you know that thought is all energy frequencies? What about the influences on our thoughts, is it possible that our world is filled with streams of frequencies that affect what we think and feel?

Go to work or study, and you’ll find that you accomplish more by maintaining your train of thought.

Turn to your “entertainment” and you find news broadcasts, political campaigns, stories in songs and tv shows, and so on. All of these are distractions from your own thoughts, and all are frequencies of energy.

We’re trained to live within the chatter and noise, thinking that is normal. What about our own thoughts and feelings? How can we know ourselves with so many other voices telling us what to think, how to feel, and what to believe?

Stay tuned for part 2 of Finding the Quiet Within, offered here at Self Love!

Finding The Quiet Within Part 1 © 2012 Estee Taschereau. About the author: My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

Artwork shared via wikimedia commons as open use by artist Елена Ильина. Visit the artist website.

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