Creating Our Own Self Loving

It’s one thing to find motivation through another person’s ideas. It’s another thing to create our own “Train of Thought”, linking together the pieces of our life in a way that propels us forward. What pieces are these? Our own examples of self loving: our thoughts, memories, experiences, knowledge, wisdom, ideas, passions, abilities and opportunities. Put them all together, do they connect, or does our own train of thought “derail” us?

Creating Our Own Self Loving

We’re all creative being, living in a world of ups and downs. The nature of this world is to grow, like a garden, but also to break down the old into something that may someday serve in the next season.

It’s difficult to have only one side of the equation and ignore or disregard the other. Both sides do serve a purpose, and both can be rejuvenating and fulfilling. For today’s Self Love Tip let’s focus on creating our own Self Loving viewpoints to help instill a sense of satisfaction for our lives.

creating our own self loving at selflovetips.comSelf Love Tip: Creating our own self loving

Self Love Tip #1: Whether you are building or breaking down those things that no longer serve, you can add the ingredient of value to the mix. As you create, remember your goals, and focus on how the work you do today will serve you in the long run. If you are tasked with letting go of the old, remember to honor those who have been a part of your life, and the experience you’ve gained. Being grateful is the first step to being great-full.

Self Love Tip #2: Value isn’t just in the things you can count or own. Some of the greatest gifts we have are the ones beyond measure: our time; our energy; love and connectivity; and last but not least, the space for something new to come into our lives. In those times when you do not know what’s next, be grateful for the space, knowing that it is there for your greatest good.

Creating our own self loving thoughts and ideas isn’t about being selfish, in fact it’s a key ingredient to creating a caring, supporting environment for others to be a part of our lives.

Creating Our Own Self Loving  © 2013 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Intuitive Meaning founder Estee Taschereau offers MetaVisionary Awareness Sessions™ to help you decipher your own intuitive impressions and find intuitive meaning. Sessions are by appointment, offered via phone and Skype.

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