How To Develop Your Inner Charm

How can we develop our inner charm? Is it something that should come naturally, or is inner charm something that we can create and cultivate? Let’s first ask, what is inner charm?

inner charmWhat is Inner Charm?

How do we define inner charm? In describing it, we might say that it is without ego, simply being yourself, sharing with others. This implies that inner charm comes from the heart or the soul, not from our head. We can try to act like we have inner charm, but people pick up on fake charm.

What do you notice when someone “turns on their charm”? Does it feel manipulative? Does it feel like it is directed at you? That would mean energy flowing outward. True inner charm seems to flow in the opposite direction. It doesn’t go out into the world, instead it attracts the world, magnetically, drawing others to love and appreciate it. Inner charm isn’t about beauty, either. You can think of the peacock as a charming, beautiful creature. Then you could look at “ugly pet of the year” and smile, feeling the warmth of its charming personality shining through.

Self Love Tips : Inner Charm

First, and foremost, inner charm is something we share with ourselves, long before anyone else gets even a glimmer of that light. We’re not always gracious with ourselves, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is creating an imbalance by practicing doubts, fears, and setbacks more than we practice self acceptance and self love.

Do we have to be perfect to step into inner love, and express our inner charm? Perfection is a place none of us will ever reach, and it’s a moving target. Instead, let’s practice being in a state of self love, and then let our world wrap itself around us, a little at a time.

How do we do this? By visualization, inward focus, and shifting our perspective. Try this: Simply imagine what it would feel like to be content with being who you are, and imagine yourself surrounded by that feeling of being content. Allow nothing else to share this moment, and if thoughts or feelings intrude simply tell them, “Not right now, please.”

For variation you can imagine what it feels like to be a beacon of light, living your inner charm, and being welcomed by others. As we practice being at these energy vibrations, our body adjusts, our perceptions change, and in time the world around us changes, too.

“The real charm of woman in herself is that which comes later when all the illusions fade away to reveal a reality, lovelier than any illusion, which has been evolving behind the phantom curtain of them. What is the divine magic of the woman thus perceived? Only the affection, the sweetness, the faith, the unselfishness, the intuitions of millions of buried hearts. All live again – all throb anew, in every fresh warm beat of her own.” Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life, published in 1907.

Share your thoughts: how do you perceive inner charm in others? What’s your story?

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