Self Love Tips: Getting Past Hesitation

How many times do we hesitate in our life? Most often our ability to move forward is affected by our own “holding back”. Sometimes that inner voice intuitively or instinctively tunes in to something valid, saving us from harms way, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes our hesitation comes from a conflict within that inner communication.

Trying Too Hard

Looking at our own inner conflicts and hesitation from a more compassionate viewpoint, we really could say that our hesitation comes from trying too hard. What does that mean? It’s very simple. We’re trying to take care of something that needs to happen today, for today, and at the same time we trying to uphold a decision we made a long time ago, or something we were taught earlier in life. It’s a bit like trying to serve two masters, and we end up torn in the process. The key is to find resolution, either clarifying within our mind the rules we follow today but still holding honor for our own beliefs and those who taught us. When we make this conscious shift we can then change our inner communication on the topic.

Changing Our Inner Dialog

How do we do this, change our “inner communication”? First make the agreement with yourself that you will find some time today when you will suddenly change your perspective and pay attention to how you respond to some thought or event. This means stepping out of the middle of the “story” and into the role of observer. From this point you can give yourself a pat on the back for 1) consciously taking charge of the moment, and 2) doing so in a way that does not criticize, judge, or condemn anyone involved.

Asking Powerful Questions

From this perspective you can practice how you view the moment. You can ask yourself, “If I had the choice of how I would like to be treated right now, what do I want the most?” – is it to have the chance to have your say without interruption? Do you want someone to say, “I understand” with a tone of compassion? Do you want to want the opportunity to unravel the knot of emotional energy that you feel, and simply want someone there for comfort and love as you heal your own feelings? You can give this to yourself.

Recognizing All Aspects of Self

In a sense this is like being two people at once, not in the sense of a split-personality but in the sense of being. We all have many levels of consciousness, and in order to reach our depth we have to practice being conscious of every level. Those levels range from being aware of our physical world through the many levels of feeling, thought, emotion, expression, vision, wisdom, and many more. Being in that place of observation and consciously restoring our inner communication is a powerful tool in creating a solid foundation for self expression and self love.

© 2011 Estee Taschereau. About the author: My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

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