Simple Self Love Tips for Dealing With Success

The stress of success: to cut to the chase, for most of us our collective knowledge of success is mostly imaginary. Why is that? Because we rarely think of success in it’s purest form. Most often we mix into our concept of success a big dose of fear and self judgment, and spice up the mix with doubts and indecision. How much of our energy actually makes it into “making it”?

dealing with successThe Stress of Success

Success isn’t really so stressful. I’ve been in the midst of individuals who have achieved amazing success, earning millions, and I am still the same person. In every case I’ve had the opportunity to choose how I approach the situation. It can be alarming when we measure ourselves against what others have accomplished. But the truth is that there is no comparison. When I keep things simple, offering my skills, giving my best, the impression they walk away with is acceptance and appreciation. As for me, stress doesn’t exist when we are in the moment and fully engaged.

Self Love Tip for Dealing with the Stress of Success

If you really want to compete, or measure, why not turn to the one who really counts. Measure your success by how strongly you maintain your dedication. Compare your passions against your actions, is there enough connectivity between the two? Weigh the benefits you receive by how much you can contribute to others success. Remember that analyzing your measure of success isn’t about crossing the finish line.  Cherish those seeds of success that can be found in countless places:

  • Ideas
  • Organizing
  • Implementing
  • Connecting
  • Sharing
  • Communicating

© 2012-2014 Estee Taschereau. About the author: My greatest love is assisting others shift into the comfort of acceptance and appreciation. This relational, open-hearted energy carries into my many interests: photography, symbiotic gardening, long walks, and enjoying nature. Ready for a shift in your own world? Sessions available by appt.

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