Appreciate and Use Your Creativity

How do we appreciate and use our creativity? When you rise above the opinions of others and create from the sweet spot within your shine will come back in your eyes.

Imagination and Creativity

Without imagination, the computer I am using to create this article would not have come into existence. Bill Gates would not have created Microsoft and Edison would not have given us electric light!

So why is it so difficult to use creativity?

First, creativity produces variance and decreases predictability. So if management has a high need for control, encouraging creative thinking is difficult. Another reason is that tapping into our creativity takes concentration.

If our work environment is noisy and distracting, accessing the right side of the brain is difficult. And, finally, creative thinking requires some “downtime” to get the juices flowing. Did you ever notice how you get great ideas in the shower or while exercising? You might argue that you do not have the time or it is not cost-effective. But creative ideas that lead to small improvements to a marketing campaign can save or make millions.

Getting Creative Support

Encourage group discussions where ideas are embraced. Brainstorming is an excellent way to get the creative juices flowing. Change old habits: Use your non-dominant hand for routine tasks; take a different route to work. Create a workspace that helps you stay balanced: Play music; fill your office with objects d’art; spend a few minutes in silent contemplation each day.

It’s not a waste of time. It’s incubation time for the next million-dollar idea! Webster’s defines genius as “Great mental capacity and inventive ability; esp., great and original creative ability in some art, science, etc.” So the next time you effectively use your whole brain, they might call you a genius!

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