Set Goals With Ease

Though figuring out which goals one should set is sometimes a bit hard, getting in motion is actually fairly easy. First of all, you should make a list of all the things you enjoy doing. There are endless choices, and you should jot down everything that comes to mind. The fact that some goals are not as easily reachable is secondary, and you should write them down anyway.

How to Set Goals with Ease – Start Outside the Box

This step will help you move forward toward achieving your goals, since we often give up on dreams on the only basis that we don’t believe we are able to make them become reality. You would be surprised at how many of the “impossible” things are indeed possible if one approaches them with a positive attitude and puts in the right amount of effort.

Choosing your Top Five Goals

If your wish list is ready, you need to pick out five of them that you can start focusing on. These goals can be anything you like, although to give your life balance it is a good idea to choose 1 goal for each area of your life. You could, for example, select one personal goal, one spiritual goal, one health-related goal, one financial goal, and even a romantic goal. Although do what you feel is best, so if you want 3 financial goals and 2 health goals that would be ok. Just make sure you don’t focus all your effort on one area, since that would only accomplish getting your life out of balance.

Whilst it may be tempting to choose more than 5 goals, 5 is a good number to begin with as it allows you to focus your mind on a few specific goals, and devote more of your energy to accomplishing them. If you put too many goals in the basket, you might end up feeling overwhelmed and you will give up completely.

Once you master the concept of setting goals, you can rest assured that you will be able to add more in the near future. In fact it’s a good idea to have as many goals as you can, but only when you feel comfortable with the process of setting goals.

Practice Goal Setting with Ease

With the 5 goals that you have chosen, your next step is to write them in a goal format. This simply involves writing your goals in the present, positive tense. You should use words such as I have or I am.

This step is extremely important, because it sets in the mind the things you should have, not those you merely want to have. If at all possible, don’t use sentences such as I will or I will have.

If your goals are written in goal format, you need to keep them and look at them every day; if possible, rewrite them every day to really impress them in the mind. The more you focus on your goals, the stronger the desire will be to accomplish them.

by Victor Hood

Set Goals With Ease. About the Author: Trust All Seasons Construction for all of your replacement windows Wichita Kansas projects.

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