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spring and happiness 2

Spring and Happiness

What is it about spring that gives us so much happiness? Is it the warming temperatures, longer light, and fewer rainstorms that dampen our spirits? Spring is a magical time of the year, saying it in a poetic way. What about energetically? Can spring be a guide to fine-tuning your...

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Self Love Tips: Knowing Who You Are

How do we cultivate self love, the sense of comfort within ourselves and our actions? The art of “knowing who we are” is such an amazing yet obscure thing. We possess such great depth, with layer after layer of life experience defining how we feel and what we value. But...

What is Happiness?  Happiness and Comfort

What is Happiness? Happiness and Comfort

It’s something we want, a feeling that feels good, but what is happiness? Is it an ability possessed only by the higher intellect of the human, or is it a primal ability for survival? Is it something that comes naturally, and if so why are so many people seeking to...